Our Premier League Girls sessions are available to 11-18 year-olds at locations all across Nottinghamshire. The aim of our programme is to encourage girls who enjoy playing football to participate in fun and exciting sessions that develop their skills and ability as well as build their confidence. For participants who want to progress in the game we are able to create pathways with local clubs to provide long-term participation opportunities, and for the elite players, this is a route into our very own Regional Talent Club (RTC).

Lailah, is an 11 year old girl who participates in our weekly sessions at The Fernwood School in Wollaton. She is currently in year 7 and has always had a love for football however, she found her self not being as involved as she used to. This was until she was encouraged by her father to attend the free Premier League Girls sessions we hold at her school every week. She came to the first session and has since continued to attend, she said this is because of “The way Forest coach is great, it’s fun and hard but it’s challenging, I like it. It’s made me want to think about playing for a team, all the sports I’ve played before I have never stuck to, but I think I will football.”

Lailah said her favourite coach is Dante because “he comes every week and always make it really fun”. She also said Dante has really helped her to improve her footballing ability by her recognising her strengths. She commented “I played as a striker but the sessions and Dante helped me realise I play better in defence, from this he helped me strengthen my defensive skills such as staying in position. I also think I am now better at tackling than before.”

We asked Lailah if she thinks the sessions have been beneficial to her and what she thinks she has improved on, she said “I think I have improved more on my confidence, and I now interact better with the team, before I didn’t I just thought it was about getting the ball.” Lailah said she will continue to attend our sessions because “although you are learning it is still really fun”.

We spoke to Lailah’s coach, Dante and he said “Seeing Lailah’s confidence grow both within herself and her footballing ability, has been very rewarding. It’s great to see her love for the game is back. The Premier League Girls programme we deliver is fun and engaging for players of all abilities.”

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