Nottingham Forest proudly runs the Girls’ Emerging Talent Centre (ETC) funded by the FA and Premier League – offering unparalleled opportunities for young girls to embark on their journey towards professional football.

Our Emerging Talent Centre is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and accessibility, allowing female players to thrive and excel in their development. With top-notch coaching and support, we are committed to propelling the future stars of women’s football to new heights.

The ETC, in alignment with our wider framework, guarantee top-quality training for each age group, delivering 1.5 hours of technical coaching per week for 30 weeks. We prioritise age-appropriate Strength & Conditioning/Physical Literacy within the practical training hours to ensure holistic development.

Goalkeeping provision is thoughtfully integrated into the programme, complementing the overall framework and offering a comprehensive experience.

Players can expect consistent game opportunities, with a minimum of one game every six weeks, including exciting festivals that showcase various playing formats and experiences, such as futsal. At Nottingham Forest, we’re dedicated to providing a well-rounded and enriching football journey for all young talents.

Nottingham Forest ETC

What does it involve?

  • Technical and physical framework
  • Long-term Player Development principles
  • Provide and facilitate additional stretch and challenge opportunities for high performing players
  • Psychological/Social Development Support
  • Education/Lifestyle Development Support
Nottingham Forest ETC


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