Tricky Hubs

Tricky Hubs are a relaxed informal space where you can talk to others who may be experiencing mental health difficulties and share your experiences. Facilitated by our mental heath lead Claire, there is also the opportunity to ask questions of a mental health professional who joins the second half of the session. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Tricky Hubs meet-ups have now moved online and are held fortnightly on Zoom. If you wish to join one of our sessions or find out more, please email for more information.

‘Tricky to Talk’ is a collaborative programme created by Nottingham Forest Football Club and Nottingham Forest Community Trust. The programme aims to encourage fans to talk more openly about their mental health, raise awareness and reduce stigma relating to mental ill health.

In 2017, the club were saddened to hear that Forest fans Jonathan McCartney, 35, and Will Garvey, 20, both unexpectedly took their own lives. After losing their sons, the families of both Jonathan and Will reached out to the Community Trust having set up their own trusts – Jonathan’s Voice and The Will Garvey Foundation (WTF – Why Talking Fixes) – to help raise awareness and encourage people to speak out about their mental health. You can read more about Jonathan and Will’s stories here.

“After meeting the parents of both William Garvey and Jonathan McCartney it was important for both the club and Community Trust to understand how we could play a part in raising awareness of mental health and helping rid the stigma.

“With fantastic support from the Institute of Mental Health and the University of Nottingham we feel that together we can make a real difference to the mental health of those closest to us.”

If you are experiencing issues relating to your mental health, or know someone who is, the following charities and organisations can provide further help and support:

Heads Together:
Time to Change: