Q&A with Year 12 student Carlie

Can you explain how you got to study onto the course?

I originally started out studying A Levels at Sixth Form but soon after, I realised it just wasn’t for me. The subjects were too academic-based, and I wanted something that was more hands-on and practical.

What do you want to gain from this qualification?

I love football and it’s one of my biggest interests so when I heard about the BTEC, I immediately wanted to find out more. For me, I want to gain a wider understanding and knowledge of football and sport in general – on and off the playing field. Personally, the business of football is something I am most interested in.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal, once I’ve finished the course is to progress into a career in sports coaching. I like the idea of gaining an American scholarship with a view to getting involved in sports coaching. In 5 years, I see myself being part of coaching staff at a professional football club.

What do you like about the course?

This course has a very good balance of theory and practice. One thing I like most about the course is that everything we learn is relevant and I find it so interesting.

What skills have you developed?

My confidence has grown massively, and this course has enabled me to develop my skills and increase my learning in an industry I am very passionate about. The tutors and other students are very supportive, patient and understanding – it feels like an extended-family.

Any advice for future students?

For year 10s and 11s considering this course, I would say, if you’re interested in football and the world of sport but not sure where you’ll fit then this course could be great for you. My top tip would be to ask lots and lots of questions so that you gain as much information as you can before enrolling so that you get a full understanding of the modules and structure.

Last thing – if you do enrol, remember to have fun, and give it your all – you won’t regret it!


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Q&A with Year 12 student Carlie

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