Q&A with Year 13 student Adam

What attracted you to the course?

I’m really interested in sport, whether it’s playing, watching or learning about the sports industry. When I was exploring my post-16 options, I knew I didn’t want to go to sixth form as A Levels are too theory-based. In addition, I think a lot of my friends just went to sixth form because everyone else did.

What attracted me to the course was the affiliation with Nottingham Forest and the world of professional football, even though I’m a Liverpool fan.

Now I’m in year 13 I’m starting to think about options for next year. Ideally, I see myself going off to university to study a sports related degree.


What’s your thoughts on the course?

Overall, I think the BTEC is a great course. The course modules and content are really engaging, and I enjoy the fact that it’s practical and interesting – especially the coaching side. The course has a good level of difficulty and can challenge me in some areas which has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge even more.

The facilities, technology, and resources available to us are good and the tutors and coaching staff are nice and helpful – they always provide support if you’re struggling.


Have you developed any personal skills?

Personally, my confidence has grown hugely from when I first started, and I now feel like I can answer questions and present and speak in front of people. In the early days, I didn’t say too much as I felt nervous but that soon changed once the course got going!


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself as a coach within a football club – just like Dante who used to study here. I look up to him and he provides great support as he used to be in our shoes a few years ago.


Any advice for year 10s or year 11s?

For pupils considering a course like this, I would say, if they’re passionate about sports, they should come and find out more. All the learning is based on sports and the sport industry, and an additional bonus is, if you like playing football, you get game time and can represent NFFC!

Overall, it’s a great experience.


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Q&A with Year 13 student Adam

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