Nottingham Forest Community Trust celebrate the RAF’s 100th anniversary with the 138 squadron

To help celebrate their 100th anniversary we invited the 138 squadron, which is the oldest of the 10 squadrons in an around Nottingham, down to take part in one of our match day activities (Guard of Honour). We have a great relationship with the armed forces around the county and in March our coaches paid the 138 squadron a visit to put on a fun but challenging session which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

April 1st, 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force. The RAF was formed from the Army’s Royal Flying Corps and the Navy’s Royal Naval Air Service. It was the world’s first air force not to be a part of a nation’s army or navy.

The RAF has defended the UK ever since, while the Battle of Britain in 1940 was undoubtedly it’s finest hour it has served in many other conflicts and taken part in peace keeping and humanitarian roles.

To join the Royal Air Force Air Cadets you must be aged between 12 (and in year 8) and 17. Adult volunteers are also welcome. To find your nearest squadron visit