As part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme and the Rainbow Laces campaign we have been working with local primary schools to deliver classroom sessions that helps boys and girls understand more about equality and diversity.

Our Premier League Primary Stars programme is designed to inspire children both inside and outside of the classroom. We work with schools to support pupils both academically and practically across a range of subjects as well as provide sessions and workshops that help children with life learning. Throughout each term we bring flexible activity ideas, worksheets, lesson plans, assemblies and exclusive videos that helps to engage and motivate the children.

 Following direction from the Premier League we have been providing activities that aim to raise pupil awareness of gender stereotyping, and the detrimental and limiting effect it can have on someone’s behaviour, self-esteem and future aspirations. Pupils are encouraged to think about where stereotypes could be challenged, and how they can help to make changes.

It’s been great to see the progress in the pupils understanding and knowledge as well as their mindsets during these sessions and we will keep supporting schools in vital PSHE learning going forward.

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