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Rowan’s Journey

Rowan’s story with the Nottingham Forest Community Trust began with a desire to enhance his football skills and gain the confidence to join a local team. Seeking more practice and a supportive environment, he enrolled in our soccer school sessions during half terms. <br>

Rowan - Premier League Kicks


Rowan’s journey took an empowering turn when he embraced the Premier League Kicks programme, an initiative designed to engage young individuals through football while adopting a sense of community. Beyond enhancing his football skills, Rowan found a new sense of confidence as he interacted with diverse groups of people, especially his age who shared his passion for the sport.

Rowan showcased his developed skills, teamwork, and dedication on the tournament stage. These experiences not only allowed him to compete at a higher level but also instilled a sense of pride in representing his community and Nottingham Forest. Through these tournaments, Rowan forged lasting memories and connections, further solidifying the impact of the community trust on his football journey.

The impact of Premier League Kicks extended beyond the field for Rowan, as he actively participated in social action projects initiated by the programme. From cooking for the homeless with Guru Nanak’s to cardiac arrest training and litter picking in local parks, Rowan discovered the joy of giving back to his local community. He expressed his views on the influence he believes he has had on his community through theses actions: “These initiatives have positively affected the local community by maintaining cleanliness and providing support for those who need it the most.”

A pivotal moment in Rowan’s journey was his involvement in an event centred around the crucial theme of “No Room for Racism.” Engaging in a conversation with Wes Morgan, a respected figure in football, Rowan gained insights into navigating the challenges of racism within the professional game.

As Rowan grew too old to participate in the sessions as a player, he returned to the Nottingham Forest Community Trust as a volunteer. Reflecting on his experience, he shared, “PL Kicks gave me a lot of self-confidence in meeting new people, and through the role of volunteering, I like helping others like me starting their PL Kicks journey.”

One coach emphasized Rowan’s role as a great role model for younger participants in the PL Kicks programme, “He has been a great role model for younger participants on the programme and really represents the values of the Community Trust. Through the PL Kicks programme, I have seen Rowan increase in his confidence and personal skills which he will be able to use in his next steps.”

From a soccer schools’ participant seeking confidence to a volunteer dedicated to supporting others, Rowan exemplifies the positive impact that programmes like Premier League Kicks can have on individuals and communities alike.

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