Henry James Campbell was an 18-year-old young man from Bingham in Nottingham, who sadly took his own life in September of 2018. After this devastating loss his family and friends all made an incredible effort to make something positive from this tragedy, by raising money and spreading awareness about Mental Health. Following the release of our ‘It’s Tricky To Talk’ campaign we were put in touch with Paul Martin, Henry’s uncle. Paul, also from Nottingham will be running the Robin Hood Half Marathon on behalf of Nottingham Forest Community Trust, whilst raising money for The Tomorrow Project.

Henry was described as the light of so many lives, he was always full of laughter. Paul explained that he was also a big Nottingham Forest fan and he had a season card up until about 2 years before his passing, “he was still very interested in football, and he would often go to mid-week games due to the cheaper tickets, as he had just left school and could afford them.”

When talking about Henry’s death, Paul explained, “He had only just turned 18 last-year when it happened.” Paul talked about how his family didn’t really know the reason he took his own life as “Henry left a note but he didn’t really make anything clear. He just said he didn’t blame anybody.” This made it harder for the family to understand why he did what he did.

After Henry’s devastating passing his friends and family wanted to ensure they did something positive and wanted to spread awareness to prevent others from feeling the same way Henry did. Paul will be running both the Great North Run and The Robin Hood Half Marathon in Henry’s name this September. He has already raised over £850 for Papyrus in his preparation for the Great North Run, which is a suicide prevention charity.

For The Robin Hood Half Marathon, he will be raising money for the charity who supported him and his family with the bereavement of his nephews passing. Paul said “I just thought I need to do something positive, I need to try and prevent other people from taking their own lives even if it’s just stopping one of his mates taking the same route.”

Paul is running the Robin Hood Half Marathon representing Nottingham Forest Community Trust to raise money for ‘The Tomorrow Project’. The charity is ‘A confidential suicide prevention project that has been set up to support individuals and communities to prevent suicide’. The tomorrow project also provide support to bereaved friends and family who are dealing with loss (find more information here). Paul explained “they are a local charity who have been really good and supportive with my sister (Henry’s mum). They are there for prevention in the first place to talk to people who are feeling low. They have also been really supportive for his friends and to the people in our community.

Henry’s friends also wanted to do something positive in his name, they started by dedicating a bench in Bingham with his name on a plaque. Paul explained “Him and his girlfriend at the time Jess used to sit there quite often. He used to play football for Bingham town so he would spend a lot of time there.” Unfortunately, not long ago the plaque was devastatingly destroyed. It is not known who did this but due to Henry’s caring friends they ensured to replace it within a week using money that they had raised.

Please show your support for Paul who will be taking part in the Robin Hood Half Marathon on Sunday 29th September, and donate by clicking here.