Sam Mitchell’s journey to a healthier life

Sam Mitchell has been attending both our Forest Forces programme and Walking Football sessions for over a year now, we caught up with Sam at our last Forest Forces event where he expressed how grateful he is for both of the programmes and told us how beneficial he has found them. 

Walking football sessions are just one of the opportunities that we offer to local Veterans, this is promoted through our monthly Forest Forces events – this is where regular attendee Sam Mitchell first heard about it.

“I attended the first Forest Forces breakfast morning in January 2019. I picked up walking football leaflet there and thought I would give it a go. I enjoy football and wanted to do it to get fitter, seeing as I do not enjoy long hours in the gym!”

Our walking football sessions are open to over 50’s of any skill or ability in the local area, this is an activity which has been taken up by a number of our Forest Forces participants. Sam expressed to us how much it has impacted his life.

“Walking football means everything to me now – I play twice a week and I have bought three of my mates along to join the team. I would encourage anyone to come and join the Nottingham Forest walking football sessions and I have even put that request on my Facebook pages.”

Walking Football offers a range of physical health benefits to players as well as providing them with a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people through being active. Sam recently got in touch with us to tell us all about his amazing weight loss as a result of attending our sessions.

“Since February last year I have lost a total of 28 lbs (2 stone). Now that I am fitter and smaller I have gained in confidence and feel so much better about myself. My blood pressure has dropped now that I have lost weight.” Sam provided us with some amazing transformation pictures below.

















The sessions have proven to be a success with everyone involved and Sam is a great example of the positive impact it can have.

“I intend to keep the weight off by continuing to play walking football for as long as I can, I am now 60-years-old but I feel about 25 to be honest!”

To find out more about our Forest Forces programme click here.

Sam Mitchell’s journey to a healthier life

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