A student’s perspective | Mykah Skervin

Mykah Skervin
Football Development Programme

What is your current Age and Position?

I am 18 years old; I play as a striker/winger.

Where are you going to study in the USA and what are you most looking forward to? 

At the moment I am not sure where I will be attending University, I’ve had interests from a number of top NCAA Division I & II Universities and I’m current reviewing the Scholarship offers from Saint Francis University, Truman University, Clemson University South Carolina and California State University in LA.

When are you going the begin your scholarship?

I will be flying to the US in January 2021 to begin my soccer scholarship. 

What has been your footballing highlight of 2019/2020 season with the Football DevelopmentProgramme? 

Making it to the last 16 of the National EFL Cup and playing at a high standard with my friends.

Have you improved as a player during your time with us? If so why? What have you learnt?

I’ve improved a lot technically. I have seen major improvements in my finishing, my first touch and decision making.

Has this experience given you the platform & confidence to progress to the next stage of your academic/playing career? 

My confidence has improved, and my overall footballing ability has enhanced. I have the belief that I can now push on to higher levels both on and off the pitch.

What have you enjoyed about the education programme? What makes it unique? 

The relaxed environment you are in, and the fact that the coach’s and tutors don’t feel like teachers but more like friends.

Any other comments you’d like to make? 

I’ve enjoyed the 2 years I’ve had and wished I could stay longer. 

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A student’s perspective | Mykah Skervin

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