A student’s perspective | George Caudwell

George Caudwell
Football Development Programme

1. What is your current Age and Position? 

George; I am 18 years old and I play in midfield, I can play as a number 10, 8 or a 4.

2. Where are you going to study in the USA on scholarship? What are you most looking forward to? 

George; I am going to study sports management and business analytics in Michigan, which is in America, and I am going to a top University which plays football at a very good level as well. I am most looking forward to playing football every day and living as a professional footballer.

3. When are you going the begin your scholarship? 

George; I am leaving in August 2020 to start my degree in September, this gives me time to settle down.

4. What has been your footballing highlight of 2019/2020 season with the Football Development Programme? 

George; My football highlight from this programme would have been when we reached to the quarter final of the EFL National Tournament where I scored a good goal and assisted.

5. Have you improved as a player during your time with us? If so why? What have you learnt? 

George; I have improved as a player; I don’t think I would be able to play at the level I play at if it wasn’t for the training I have received from this programme. I have learnt so much, this includes technical and tactical skills such as shooting, passing and dribbling. One of the main things I would say I have improved on is my awareness on the pitch and my knowledge of the game. You could pretty much put me in any situation on the pitch and I would know what to do because of the training I have received.

6. Has this experience given you the platform & confidence to progress to the next stage of your academic/playing career? 

George; It has set me up for my future career on and off the pitch. I am confident on and off the pitch and I work hard. I captained the first team in my second year and from that I am even more vocal, and I can lead a team as well.

7. What have you enjoyed about the education programme? What makes it unique? 

George; The thing I have enjoyed most of the education side is the wide range of content it covers. It literally covers everything within the sport topic which sets you up for University very well because things you find interesting on this course, you can go study it at University. 

8. Any other comments you’d like to make?

George; The one thing that I would say is that when you go to this college you’re not just going to a school or college where you have your teacher that only teaches and that’s it, you build a good relationship with them. They’re your teachers and coaches and the player to coach bond is amazing. You begin to enjoy lessons which I think is very important. I wouldn’t be going to America if it wasn’t for this course because I wouldn’t of been able to get the scholarship I got if it wasn’t for the training I received from this programme. 

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A student’s perspective | George Caudwell

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