Hannah Bloomfield first started at the Nottingham Forest Community Trust in 2014 at the age of 16. She started out as an apprentice coach developing her own skills and learning new ones. Hannah really enjoyed her first year at the Community Trust and her development didn’t go un-noticed, she was kept on for a second year as an apprentice coach where she continued to advance. As an apprentice coach Hannah would attend sessions and she also started her qualifications in coaching.

The apprenticeship provided Hannah with the opportunity to coach in a range of different environments to a range of different participants, which strengthened her experience as a coach. As her time at NFCT progressed she gained the following valuable coaching qualifications:

  • Level 1 and 2 coaching badges
  • Multi-skills qualifications
  • Level 3 afPE qualification.

After her first two years as an apprentice coach Hannah was kept on as a full-time Community Coach. Hannah says “Nottingham Forest Community Trust has provided me with so many opportunities within the industry and opened-up a clear pathway for my future in coaching. Starting out as an apprentice helped to build my skills and confidence as a coach”.

Once Hannah became a Community Coach it was evident that she was passionate about her job, which led her to become one of the leading coaches on the team. She was soon a key member of the coaching staff and quickly progressed to becoming the girls RTC (Regional Talent Club) Manager.

This role has given her a variety of new responsibilities including leading the 1-2 year Club Development Plan for female talent and managing all administration duties to ensure the smooth running of the club. Hannah is a great example of how the sporting industry is changing, and we at Nottingham Forest Community Trust are excited to support the growth in Women’s football.