One of our Coaches here at Nottingham Forest Community Trust, Stephen Hunt, was leading a gym session for the post 16 football development group with South Nottinghamshire Academy. What seemed like a normal day swiftly took a dramatic turn. One of the boys in the session told Stephen that he wasn’t feeling right after lifting a set of light weights. Young Charlie then fell backwards, was struggling to breathe and was shaking uncontrollably.

Stephen instantly recognised that this was a critical situation and acted as quickly as possible by raising Charlie’s legs, calming him down and trying his best to keep him awake and stable. By the time the paramedics arrived, Stephen had managed to get Charlie hooked up to the Defibrillator and take control of the situation. According to the paramedics, Charlie’s heart had stopped three times from the beginning of the incident up until he went into hospital. Without Stephens help it is safe to say that Charlie wouldn’t be here today.

Luckily Charlie made an incredible recovery with no life changing injuries. He has since been nothing but thankful to Stephen and the two are now very close. Stephen even attended his 18th birthday party recently, where spirits were very high.

Stephens actions did not go unrecognised, receiving a CPR award from the British Heart Foundation which is given to a select few people whose bravery helped save a life.

Safe to say it was a day that Stephen and Charlie will never forget.