Corbi Brown was a participant on our Premier League Kicks programme in Clifton, he attended the sessions from the age of 12-16. Corbi is now a member of our staff recently taking on the role of NCS Project Manager.

Premier League Kicks is a free programme, that gives 12-24 year-olds across Nottinghamshire the opportunity to play football & other multi-sport activities. The aim of these sessions are to engage, inspire & educate young children and adults, using the power of football and the value of sports participation to help hard-to reach youngsters in some of the most high-need areas.

Corbi has always had an interest in football and first started playing when he was 8, he first found out about our Clifton Kicks sessions when he was 12 years-old after a few friends had mentioned it to him. He decided to attend a session and loved it so much he began to go every Monday and Friday each week. Over time he built up good relationships with the NFCT coaches and his peers on the programme, and enjoyed it so much he continued to attend Clifton Kicks until he was 16.

When asked about how Kicks helped him when he was younger Corbi said “It helped give me the confidence to meet lots of new people who I’m still in touch with today, it also provided me with a free platform to play football in a really good facility with qualified coaches.”

After attending Clifton Kicks sessions for a few years Corbi said Nottingham Forest Community Trust really made an impact on him, he said “NFCT provided me with a sense of belonging and community, it bought the young people in the area together who all shared a similar passion during a time where there wasn’t much available where I lived”.

Corbi is now an employee at Nottingham Forest Community Trust, and has started his position as NCS Project Manager. Corbi said he is excited to be working for the Trust because he has experienced first hand the work they do for the local community. He said “Having worked on NCS previously I have seen first hand what an amazing programme it is, to now be the NCS Project Manager is great as it means I’ll be able to ensure that young people across Nottingham are experiencing a life changing programme over the autumn and summer periods.”

For more information about Premier League Kicks click here.