Evie Dunlop is an 11 year-old girl who takes part in our Premier League Primary Stars programme. Primary Stars is a programme that takes place in primary schools all around the country to inspire children through sports and education. The programme aims to motivate 5-11 year-olds in partnership with Premier League, to be active and teach them important life skills.

Evie was born with Fibular Hemimelia, which is the partial or total absence of the fibula bone at birth causing lower limb deficiency. Due to the deficiency, Evie had to have her leg amputated at a young age, however, she doesn’t let this hold her back and she uses a prosthetic blade whilst participating in physical activities.

Evie’s mum explained that there has been extra money allocated by the government last year to assist children, such as Evie, to get sport prostheses, which is absolutely fantastic as this will clearly help children to get involved in a fuller range of activities.

Evie is a participant of Primary Stars sessions led by coach, Danny Gordon and she has huge goals of being in the Paralympics one day. Evie said that she loved the Primary Stars sessions with Danny and that he has helped her both learn new skills and confirm her dream of wanting to be in the Paralympics. Danny is nothing but encouraging towards Evie’s aspirations and he said that he has no doubt she will make it. “She could be competing in a dozen sports in future Paralympic Games. She has such a passion for it and it was great to teach such a talented and inspirational young girl.” Evie plays a wide variety of activities such as swimming, badminton and athletics and is also in her school Hockey and Netball teams along with her best friend Jess.

Even though Evie has always enjoyed sport her love for athletics was initially inspired by watching the Paralympics on TV, saying that it made her want to be more active and get involved in different sports. Evie says her school is really supportive of this and her ambitions, encouraging her to be apart of the schools sports teams where she has participated in various hockey and netball tournaments.

Evie says that she never wants to let her impairment set her back and told us that when she was younger her family went on a skiing holiday but she couldn’t quite get the hang of it and she wasn’t confident enough to take part which made her really disappointed. However, she went back recently and although nervous, she tried skiing again and absolutely loved it! Evie is an inspiration and likewise it seems she has been inspired by our coach, Danny Gordon and the Primary Stars programme, explaining that in the future she would like to be a sports teacher like Danny, “teaching children how to enjoy sports”. Evie is adament that anyone who enjoys sport and finds it fun should be able to get involved.