Victory is a 9 year old girl who attends St Anns Well Academy and is currently transitioning from year 4 to 5. She has been involved with our Premier League Primary Stars program since September 2016. Upon first meeting victory I noticed how vocal she was, she loved to voice her opinion and always had a question.


After school club

Victory was a hard to reach participant as she wasn’t assigned to a particular sport and didn’t attend any of the after school clubs run by Nottingham Forest Community Trust and the school. After asking a few questions it was apparent that Victory and a few of her classmates were interested in athletics, so after the next term we decided to create a new athletics club and invite Victory along.

After only a few weeks the school had managed to enter us into the area schools athletics competition which was being held at Harvey Hadden stadium. Victory was very nervous, more nervous than anyone else and at one point was ready to quit the club as she felt she did not want to compete. After some persuading she eventually decided to stay. Victory was consistently getting good times in training and beating her PB’s in the jumping/ throwing events. However she still lacked self-belief and was putting herself down at the slightest mistake, and letting her nerves get the better of her. She still however, remained determined.

Each week she would attend training saying that she had been practicing at home throughout the week or in school at any available opportunity, her Teacher Miss Day Said “Victory is so keen to do well, she gives 110% in anything we do and you can see that when it comes to doing P.E, any opportunity she gets she’s either running, jumping or throwing!”


The competition

We had taken a team of 5 boys and 5 girls from St Anns Well Academy to the competition. At the start the events organiser explained how the scoring would work. There were 4 events, 400m, 50m, stand and jump and vortex throw. The position you finished in would determine how many points you would score as individuals and collectively as a school.

Victory’s first event was the stand and jump where she achieved a new PB and came first in her group!

Her second event was a 50m sprint, again she came first and won by 10 or more meters! This is what she had to say: “I was scared at first, but I knew all the practice and hard work would pay off, once the race started and I got into a good position I felt really confident! Once I got near the finish line I looked back to see how close the other runners were and I was shocked I was so far ahead!”

Her third event was the 400m, something we struggled to practice in school as they have insufficient playground space. She got off to a great start and held the first spot for over half of the race, but as the race contiued she began to tire and more runners began to pass her, it was a tough race as she had not practiced much over 100m and you could tell she was running out of steam towards the end. Victory finished 5th in this race.

The fourth event was the vortex throw, Victory did really well and came 2nd, she added “ I was so proud of myself and relived when they had finished all the events, I had never worked so hard in my life!”  We then waited for the overall results to be announced. Victory was not expecting to finish in the top 3 as she had not finished in the top 3 in all of the events but when the announcer said her name to come and collect her gold medal for the best overall female she couldn’t believe it! She finished first place with 191 points.

Once we got home Victory paraded around school showing her medal to all the teachers. When her mum arrived she was very proud! She said “I’m glad all this hard work has paid off for her, hopefully she has learnt that if you stick to something and never quit you will be rewarded.”