Local boys and girls have been getting involved in our SEND virtual fitness sessions throughout lockdown to keep fit, have some fun and socialise with others.

Since government restrictions came into place where we were unable to provide the support we would usually deliver in person, we wanted to make our online offer as inclusive as possible.

When we could deliver our face-to-face sessions, we ran weekly evening footgolf, foot tennis and fitness activities with a group from Nottingham who play together on a SEND football team. The sessions were great fun and whilst they were about being active and enjoying sport, it was all so a great opportunity for the friends to catch up with each other and socialise whilst adhering to Covid19 social distancing guidelines.

Having seen how well the group got on, we decided that we didn’t want the group to lose touch with each other during stricter lockdown measures; which led us to offering our brand new virtual SEND fitness sessions. We recognised the importance of sessions like this for our participant’s well-being and in doing so they are now able to still see each other, interact and have fun whilst being active at home.

“Declan really enjoys his online fitness sessions. It keeps him motivated and they help him to stay in touch with his friends and coaches, which is so nice during these difficult times.” – Donna Underwood, Parent

‘’Just wanted to say thank you for these sessions. I think they all really enjoyed it! It’s the first time any of us have tried that kind of thing together, so it was lovely to see them all engage and take part. It’s so nice to have things to do with our young people that they can access and enjoy!’’ – Donna Morrell, Parent

If you would like to find out more about our SEND events and activities please email tom.norton@nottinghamforest.co.uk.