As part of our commitment to the EFL Trust’s #TacklingLonelinessTogether programme, we are continuing to support our elderly participants and fans across our communities throughout these challenging times.

A recent study from the Office National Statistics showed that 2.6 million adults reported that they felt lonely “often” or “always”, whilst 7.4 million adults reported their well-being had been affected as a result of feeling lonely in the past seven days from when asked.

We know that many of those will have a support network in place with family and friends, but this project aims to identify those who aren’t so fortunate. For those who want it, we will be offering a number of different initiatives from socially distanced home visits, fun online activities, pen pal schemes and so much more.

“Just seeing a friendly face and a chat in these difficult times was so lovely. It’s given me such a lift today after a very hard week and it was such a lovely thing to do.” – Maggie Cassidy, RAF Ex-Servicewomen and Forest Forces Veteran

Being alone should not have to mean being lonely.

If you want us to get in contact with you about this programme please email