The Pythian Club fighting against holiday hunger

The Free Fun and Food programme ran over the summer holidays which saw us partner and collaborate with over 20 local organisations and clubs who delivered a host of various activities for children.

We we’re delighted that we had another opportunity to team up with The Pythian Club again, an organisation which we have had a great working relationship with now for over 5 years. By working in partnership on community-based initiatives and activities, we were pleased to hear about their enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference and be a part of this project.

The Pythian Club are an organisation who continue to enrich the lives of young people through a variety of positive initiatives such as education, football, boxing, performing arts and music programmes. They believe in empowering young people and steering them towards success and away from negative influences such as knife crime, drug abuse and gang violence that, along with other influences, are a major problem in Nottingham and across the Nation. The club also aim to engage the local individuals in outdoor projects in a bid to strengthen bonds within the community, pass on vital skills and create new avenues of learning for all generations as well as widening our community support network.

It was fantastic that The Pythian Club were able to offer their services to as a key programme objective was to provide children with as much variety as possible and not just focus on football or sports. Alongside The Pythian Club, children also had the opportunity to engage in other activities such as, dancing, arts & crafts, DJing, basketball and team building exercises. This blend of activities offered enrichment to young people and allowed them to develop individual and team skills. After a busy session of participating in various activities, the children had clearly built up an appetite and were thrilled when it was time to hand out their meal.

During a busy morning session at The Farnborough Academy, Nottingham Forest Community Trust were able to speak to Ben Rosser, Operations Director of The Pythian Club, for a chat and he gave his overall thoughts on the Free Fun & Food programme.

Ben said, “It’s great that we’re able to engage so many children with our work and also to do it with NFCT, a great partner of ours who we share some similar objectives with.”

When asked about how the kids found their activities he said “We have done various activities for the young people, from boxing, football, and different fitness exercises. Also, we have had discussions about what they want to do when they are older and things like that, so it’s been really good and they seemed to really enjoy it”

Declan Barker, Head of Programmes at NFCT said, “We’re extremely pleased Ben and his team agreed to take part in the programme as we have an excellent relationship with the organisation and know that their core values reflect that of ours”

Dec continued, “Providing children with a variety of activities was crucial and we know that The Pythian Club run a good selection of engaging sessions with professional, friendly and knowledgeable instructors.”

NFCT want to take this opportunity to thank Ben, all at The Pythian Club and to all our other partners and organisations who have contributed to this success of this programme. Without their help, it would not have been possible to have had such a positive impact on children and their families. We look forward to organisation similar programmes in the future so we can keep making a difference!

The Pythian Club fighting against holiday hunger

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