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Think Big Introduces Coding Workshops

Think Big is a programme devised to introduce young people in Nottingham to the concept of technology, and how powerful it can be. In our Think Big film, shown across assemblies, workshops and masterclasses, we state that ‘tech is everywhere, and it powers everything’.

The latest touchpoint of the Think Big programme features a stronger focus on technology is the coding workshop, which is new to this academic year.


In today’s digital age, coding has become a fundamental skill that empowers individuals to have an impact on the world around them. It is no longer reserved for computer scientists and software engineers; coding has established its way into various aspects of day-to-day life.

We see familiarising young people with coding as a necessity and have initiated this through our coding workshops. The workshop is a practical and informative approach to introduce the concept of coding; a video of how coding works, with examples of where this is relevant to the real world, uncovering where they may have seen it in action without realising. The themed activity sets out the task of coding robots to transport them around an assault course, putting points from the video into practice.


The success of Think Big has a strong link to showing young people how the skills that are intertwined in technology can translate to the real world. Coding is, at its core, about solving problems. Learning how to code encourages young minds to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable components. This structured approach to thinking is invaluable in not only programming but also in everyday life. By Think Big creating the opportunity for young people to develop these problem-solving skills, they are better prepared to tackle challenges in school, work, and the wider world.

Think Big uses examples from subjects other than IT to show students how they may identify with elements of coding, and to diminish the stereotyping. It allows individuals to create, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. When young people learn to code, they are equipped with the tools to foster their sense of creativity. This innovation can be applied to various fields such as art, music, science and business studies. These are values that we strive to carry through each Think Big workshop and masterclass.


The job market is evolving, and technology-related skills are in high demand. By introducing young people to coding, we are preparing them for a future where digital literacy is as essential as reading and writing. This underpins the premise of Think Big; we aim to provide young people in Nottingham with the opportunity to develop their digital skills, reaching those who may struggle to access this without Think Big. Whether they pursue a career in coding or not, the ability to understand and work with technology is a skill that we are striving to bring to students across Nottingham, to enhance their employability skills.

The task within the coding workshop is designed to demonstrate the collaboration that is involved in coding. Teaching young people to code promotes teamwork and communication skills, which are invaluable in both professional and personal settings. It encourages them to seek help, learn from others, and contribute to a shared goal. The challenge within the coding workshop of manoeuvring a robot round an assault course through inputting code not only requires these skills but develops them further.

Introducing young people to coding through a Think Big coding workshop is an investment in their future. It equips them with valuable skills, nurtures their creativity, and prepares them for an increasingly digital world. The benefits of early exposure to coding are clearer than ever, and we strive to make this accessible to as many young people in Nottingham as we can. By providing young minds with the opportunity to learn to code, we empower them to thrive in a technology-driven world.

Find out more about Think Big workshops here.

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