Think Big launches in partnership with Ideagen

Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT), in partnership with Ideagen has launched a new, innovative, tech-focused programme called Think Big.

Think Big connects young people to the world of tech and opportunity that promotes the benefits of a career in tech for young people.

Ideagen, a fast-growing software company, and NFCT have joined forces to help inspire young people from diverse communities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to embrace technology careers.

The Think Big programme will consist of an introductory film, workshops, access to role models and competitions. Visits to Ideagen HQ will introduce some student groups to the workplace where there will be an opportunity to take part in technology-based challenges.

Schools can request ‘ask the experts’ slots over Microsoft Teams with tech role models from Ideagen and NFCT. Winners of NFFC Match Day ticket competitions can both enjoy the game and explore how technology is used throughout.

The aim of the programme is to use the power of football to get young people interested in technology-based jobs as a viable, exciting, and rewarding career path. As well as some technical skills, young people will be taught softer skills that will help with their employability longer term.

The programme is for key stage 4 students in mainstream, SEND and AP schools in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and the 5-year project will result in inspired young people who are aware of and prepared for roles in tech.

Teens who complete the programme to be rewarded with some form of accreditation / certificate that will signify their commitment to the programme and as a hallmark of their employability.

The target is to build a pathway towards employability for up to 100 young people per year via apprenticeships with Ideagen, Nottingham Forest Football Club and a network of Nottingham based businesses

With so many careers and jobs that never existed before, this is an exciting time for young people to join the technology industry as it continues to grow and empower everything we do.

Graham Moran, BEM, NFCT Chief Executive Officer commented, “Nottingham Forest Community Trust is delighted to be working alongside Ideagen harnessing the positive power of the private and Third sectors in providing exciting opportunities for local young people to find sustainable employment in the Tech industry.”

Ben Dorks, Ideagen Chief Executive Officer said, “It is vitally important that we at Ideagen, as a local employer and a successful and consistently growing technology leader, do all we can to encourage young people into careers in technology. Having grown up in Nottinghamshire myself, I am passionate that Ideagen has a positive impact on the career aspirations and skills of young people in this great city.

Ben continued, “Our aim through Think Big is to widen opportunities for our local young people by providing them with high quality learning experiences that will help them thrive in a world driven by technology. Inspiring and motivating young people is what we strive for and I am excited to continue lighting the pathway to success in a city filled with outstanding talent.”

If you want to find out more about this exciting programme, head on over to the Think Big website for more information and details on how to get involved.


Think Big launches in partnership with Ideagen

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