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Thinking Big during the holidays

This summer we have seen a new addition to our Think Big Programme. The Programme has been diversified by engaging with young people outside of term time to enhance their perception of careers in tech, through Think Big Holiday Clubs.

Think Big Holiday Clubs offer a multitude of benefits for young people, both on and off the pitch. These tailored sessions provide a unique and engaging opportunity for children and teenagers to develop physically, mentally and socially during the school holidays. For some, they also provide a simple level of structure that disappears out of term time. The additional adult influence and extra time with peers, teamed with a range of activities and food across the programme can act as an escape for those that may have a tricky life at home.

Think Big nottingham forest


Think Big is an innovative technology programme mastered and delivered by Nottingham Forest Community Trust and global tech giant, Ideagen. Through the programme, participants are taken on a tech journey where they learn technology in football, sport and the wider world, highlighting that a job in tech is an attainable career path for those who may not have previously deemed this reachable.

During term time, we conduct workshops, masterclasses and assemblies to schools throughout Nottinghamshire. Nottingham Forest Community Trust has since extended the reach of the programme through the school holidays to continue the benefits that it delivers in term time.

During the Think Big holiday club, participants were not only treated to a fun-filled week but also had the opportunity to engage in a wide array of tech-focused activities that not only entertained but also educated them in numerous ways.

Think Big nottingham forest


Robotics and Programming: Participants had the chance to interact with robots and learn to programme their movements and actions through connectivity via a dedicated app. This activity not only introduced them to the exciting world of robotics but also enhanced their problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity. Programming robots encourages critical thinking as participants had to plan and execute sequences of actions, developing a deeper understanding of technology.

E-Sports with Xbox: Gaming on the Xbox isn’t just about having fun; it also promotes teamwork, strategy, and hand-eye coordination. Participants had the opportunity to bond with their peers while honing their gaming skills, and the camaraderie developed during these gaming sessions building social skills and sportsmanship.

Virtual Reality (VR): Immersing themselves in VR through state-of-the-art headsets allowed participants to explore new worlds and experiences. Beyond the thrill of scoring a header in front of the Trent End, VR experiences can enhance spatial awareness, creativity, and imagination. They also provide a safe environment for learning, making it a fantastic tool for educational purposes.

Stadium Tour: The special tour of the City Ground provided participants with insights into the technology used at a Premier League football stadium. Understanding the behind-the-scenes tech not only deepened their appreciation for sports but also exposed them to potential career paths in sports technology, stadium management, and event logistics.

Visit to Ideagen’s Global Head Office: This visit offered participants a glimpse into a real-life working environment, which can be an eye-opening experience for young people. Experiencing a corporate setting can help them develop essential professional skills such as communication, teamwork, and punctuality. Meeting the Chief Executive Officer, Ben Dorks, and hearing about his career path emphasised the vast opportunities that technology-related fields can offer.

Think Big nottingham forest


Overall, the holiday club provided a platform for skill development, exposure to various career options, and the chance to explore the limitless possibilities that technology can offer. By engaging in these activities, participants not only had a fantastic time but also gained valuable life skills and knowledge that can shape their futures.

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