Three RTC players attend FA ID event

Nottingham Forest Regional Talent Club (RTC) recently had the pleasure of sending three of its players to the FA England Women’s’ Talent Pathway ‘Discovering Talent’ event.

The Nottingham Forest RTC programme provides young players with an enhanced coaching centre for U12, U14 and U16 age groups. The weekly sessions allow the dedicated and professional coaching staff to identify up-and-coming players and provide pathways into accessing elite levels of coaching and support.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust is one of over 30 local organisations who run an RTC and the Trust facilitates the administration and running of the programme. A minimum of three hours training is provided per week for each age groups and all players take part in regular fixtures.

As part of the Talent ID event, Under 16 players Takiah Burnett and Sophia Bull attended alongside Under 14 player Ava Williamson.

These events are organised to enable Football Association (FA) Staff to Talent ID players who have been referred to them through their Player Referral Process during the season. The events are just one of the ways we work to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for female players who have been recommended them.

The Nottingham Forest Community Trust RTC is headed up by Steve Gray, Centre Manager who has over 10 years’ experience working in girls and women’s football. Steve’s role oversees all operations of the programme, providing and delivering the framework for players to progress their skills and to give them the best platform and opportunity to play at the highest level.

Steve said, “This programme is integral to the development of the women’s game from an elite youth level.”

Steve continued, “Ultimately this programme will support, develop the next generation of lionesses and we want to support that as much as possible.”

NFCT spoke to two of the girls at the end of a training session who provided an overview of how they got into football and what they thought of the ID event.


Ava Williamson:


“I first started playing football at school for Lowdham Colts, under my dad who started a team.

I joined the RTC when I was 10 and have now been playing for 4 years. 

 The best thing about being part of the RTC is the quality of the training and how much I have progressed as a player and the relationships I have formed with the players and coaches. 

I enjoyed the ID event; it was a challenge and was great to play against some extremely good players.”


Takiah Burnett:

“My dad took me into our garden for a ‘kick about’ he noticed I had a good technique and was left footed. He asked if I wanted to join a team and started playing for West Bridgford Colts. 

 I joined the RTC in 2017. At first, I turned down the opportunity to continue playing for Arnold Town but at the end of the season I was training with the RTC and joined them in the 17-18 season. 

 It is a joy to play with and against the best players in the country and to be coached by the best. 

 The talent ID event was a great challenge for me as I’m always striving to play against the best.”



Access to the RTC is gained through a trial process held in June; players can be nominated for trials by their teacher, grassroots coach or they can apply directly to the club. If you want to find out more about the programme, email

Three RTC players attend FA ID event

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