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Toffolo supports mental health

In a powerful testament to breaking the stigma surrounding male mental health, earlier this year Nottingham Forest Community Trust teamed up with Bottled Up Blokes to make significant strides in developing open conversations about mental health among men. To show solidarity and support for the sessions, Nottingham Forest midfielder Harry Toffolo recently took part in a weekly session hosted by Bottled Up Blokes, notably referred to as BUB HUBs.

Harry Toffolo


Bottled Up Blokes (BUB), an initiative spearheaded by Tim Cox, provides a safe and non-judgmental platform for men across the region, particularly in Nottinghamshire to voice their mental health struggles. These collaborative efforts aim to encourage open conversations about mental health concerns, addictions, and life challenges. BUB HUBs are held every Tuesday at the John Godber Centre and provide a supportive environment where men can discuss their thoughts and experiences without fear of judgment.

Crucially, these sessions are free and operate on a drop-in basis, eliminating barriers to participation. No booking is required, ensuring that men seeking support can access these resources conveniently.

Tim Cox


BUB, founded by Tim Cox, originated from a personal struggle with depression. Recognising the need for a safe space for men to discuss their mental health, Tim created the Bottled Up Blokes private Facebook group. The initiative has since expanded its reach through Twitter, WhatsApp, podcasts, and weekly support groups known as BUB HUBs.

The collaboration with Nottingham Forest Community Trust marks a significant step forward for Bottled Up Blokes, enabling weekly BUB HUBs in Hucknall. The overarching goal is to expand these hubs to other areas in Nottingham and its surrounding areas.

Harry Toffolo


Harry Toffolo, known for his skills on the pitch, showcased a different side of himself as he participated in a recent BUB HUB session to mark International Men’s Day (Sunday 19thNovember). His involvement reflects a growing recognition within the sports community of the importance of addressing mental health challenges and providing a platform for men to openly discuss their struggles.

During his visit, Harry had the opportunity to experience a BUB HUB session first hand. The presence of a professional footballer like Toffolo serves to destigmatise mental health discussions and sends a powerful message that seeking support beyond the pitch is a sign of strength. Harry talked openly with the participants, providing and gaining insight into the importance of these sessions and the positive impact they have on the lives of those involved. His visit also showed the positive work the Community Trust strives to do within the community by partnering with other local initiatives to support individuals, regardless of who they support.

Harry Toffolo


Harry’s attendance aligns with a broader movement within the football world to champion mental health awareness. Professionals like Harry, by openly engaging in discussions about mental health, play a crucial role in encouraging fans and the wider community to prioritise their wellbeing.

Tim, BUB Founder said “Collaborating with Nottingham Forest Community Trust has been excellent for Bottled Up Blokes. The support has allowed us to extend our reach and provide a vital platform for men to discuss their mental health.

Tim continued, “Having Harry Toffolo join one of our sessions is a powerful moment for our participants. His presence not only validates the importance of these discussions but also breaks down the stereotypes surrounding mental health in men. Players like Harry have a unique ability to influence change, and his commitment to openly talking about mental health sends a message that resonates far beyond the pitch. It’s about recognising that everyone faces challenges, and seeking support is a strength we should all embrace.”

Together, Nottingham Forest Community Trust and Bottled Up Blokes continue to work toward dismantling the barriers that often prevent men from discussing their mental health struggles openly.

To find out more about BUB Hubs, please click here.

If you want to join us at a future session, BUB Hubs are held in Hucknall at 7pm, every Tuesday at The John Godber Centre, Ogle St, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 7FQ and operate on a drop-in basis, no booking is required.

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