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Tyler’s Story

Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s Free Fun and Food Programme has already delivered a positive impact to thousands of children across the city of Nottingham, including 11-year-old Tyler. By providing a safe and engaging environment, this programme has not only allowed Tyler to explore new activities and enjoy healthy meals but also played a vital role in keeping him away from potential trouble on the streets.

Free Fun and Food Tyler


When Tyler first joined the programme, he was initially reserved and had limited exposure to diverse activities. However, the programme’s schedule and engaging activities quickly sparked his curiosity. From sports sessions to creative workshops and team-building exercises, Tyler was encouraged to step out of his comfort zone, discover new talents, and embrace various experiences.

One of the most significant benefits for Tyler was the opportunity to form new friendships. Through the programme, he met peers from different backgrounds who shared similar interests. The shared activities and positive environment fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the participants. Tyler’s newfound friendships provided him with a support system and a sense of unity, boosting his self-esteem and social skills.

Beyond the engaging activities, the Free Fun and Food Programme offered a safe haven for Tyler. By providing a structured and supervised environment, the programme ensured that Tyler had a secure space away from the streets. This aspect was particularly crucial in preventing him from getting involved in potentially risky situations or negative influences outside.


Free Fun and Food Nottingham Forest


Moreover, the programme’s commitment to providing nutritious meals addressed another important aspect of a child’s well-being. Tyler, like many others, benefited from having access to regular healthy meals during the programme. This support not only promoted his physical health but also emphasised the importance of a balanced diet, instilling valuable habits and education that could have a lasting impact on his overall well-being.

Tyler’s involvement in the Free Fun and Food Programme has had a profound impact on his personal growth and development. The positive experiences, skill-building opportunities, and nurturing environment have equipped him with valuable life skills, improved his confidence, and broadened his horizons.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust invited Tyler to the City Ground to talk about his time in the programme. Tyler expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Coming to the clubs has been such an amazing experience for me! I’ve had so much fun! When I was at the clubs, I didn’t have to worry about being out on the streets causing trouble or being stuck at home playing xBox all day. If I didn’t have these clubs, I might end up getting into trouble, like kicking in doors or something. The clubs have been great, and I’ve learned a lot of cool things, like trying out new activities and even learning about eating healthy! My favourite thing was to play football. I really like the supportive staff because I was shy at first.”

When we asked Tyler why these clubs are so important for kids like us and our parents, he said, “I’ve heard about the cost of living on the news, and it can make us all worry about bills and how much things cost. But I think that clubs like this can help.”

Tyler’s story is one of many and exemplifies the immense impact of Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s Free Fun and Food Programme on young people within the community. By offering a safe and inclusive environment, this programme has provided Tyler with the necessary tools to explore his potential, make meaningful connections, and stay away from potential trouble. Tyler’s transformative journey serves as a testament to the power of community-based initiatives in empowering young individuals and shaping their future prospects.

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