A mother’s story

At Nottingham Forest Community Trust, we are adamant that anyone who enjoys sport should be given the opportunity to play sport. So, when a young boy enthusiastically started talking to one of our coaches about football on the bus, our coach instantly wanted him to get involved with some of our football related programmes.

The boy’s mum explained that, “Throughout the summer he badgered me to find him a football team or the opportunity to train. In September 2017 when our car broke down, we found ourselves travelling home by bus one afternoon and my son started a conversation with a young man who worked for Nottingham Forest Community Trust. He told us to look at the website and read about the Advanced Coaching Course. Reading between the lines, however, I realised that the sessions were aimed at youngsters who were already playing football with some degree of skill and I had to acknowledge with some regret he fit into neither category.

My son however was adamant that he wanted to play football and would not be persuaded by me that the sessions were not for him. As he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer I agreed with great reluctance to take him down to the session at Redhill where I expected him to be gently told by staff that he wasn’t up to the required standard. However, to my great joy and surprise, Willis Francis (coach) met us and invited him to stay on for the session and afterwards both Willis and James (coach) agreed that he could attend the remaining sessions. Amazing!

I cannot thank Willis and James enough for the confidence boost and happiness that they have brought to my son by enabling him to be involved. It has given him something to get excited about as well as a bit of kudos in the playground, which is so important for a child who struggles to make friends due to the difficult past he endured as a child in care. As his mother, I am principally indebted to Willis and James for looking beyond my son’s lack of ability and giving him a chance to play. I applaud such a mind-set of looking at the bigger picture because he has gained much more than simply playing football. It has boosted his self-belief and confidence which are qualities so sadly lacking in children from vulnerable backgrounds like my son. So, bravo Nottingham Forest Community Trust, keep up the amazing work you are doing!”

We cannot stress enough, how much we value inclusion at Nottingham Forest Community Trust and wherever possible we will always try to provide opportunities for people within our communities. If you are interested in any of our programmes or would like to know whether we provide any sessions or support in something that you are interested in please do not hesitate to get in touch.