Veterans take part in Mental Health First Aid Training

Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) works very closely with local veterans as part of the Forest Forces programme. Now in its third year, the programme aims to provide veterans with the opportunity to attend events and sessions from coffee mornings to walking football games and now mental health awareness training.

The Trust recently invited a select number of veterans to participate in a Veterans’ Mental Health First Aid training session to raise awareness about mental health within the armed forces community.

Claire Henson, NFCT Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead welcomed the participants to the City Ground and delivered the half-day ‘Mental Health Aware’ course as part of the wider ‘Mental Health First Aid England’ programme.

The session allowed the individuals in attendance to gain a broader understanding of mental health awareness as part of the Trust’s ongoing commitment to educate and reduce stigma around mental health.

The aim of the session was to extend the reach of mental health awareness by combining Forest Forces with the Tricky to Talk programme.

Claire said, “We want to support the communities that we work with and to reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health.”

Claire continued, “We do some amazing work with Forest Forces and the long-term idea would be to extend mental health awareness projects into the armed forces community so that we can continue to support our veterans as best as we can.”

Once the session had finished, NFCT spoke to attendee, Sam Mitchell, who described the importance of the training.

“Today’s session is massively important because some veterans can have a lot of problems after leaving the forces trying to get into civilian life again.”

Sam went on to say, “I’ve learnt how wide it [mental health] is, how little I actually know about it and how in depth it is and I’m looking forward to taking the skills I’ve learnt further.”

The Trust is continuing the momentum gained from the training and will be running further mental health courses with veterans in November.

As part of its Mental Health and Wellbeing programme, NFCT provides a range of mental health courses. For more information on these or about the programme, please email


Veterans take part in Mental Health First Aid Training

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