Nottingham Forest Community Trust deliver ‘Smile and Achieve’ which is a day service for adults with learning difficulties. We aim to support and provide assistance with all aspects of their lives including education and helping to get into voluntary paid work. As well as practical support, ‘Smile and Achieve’ also provide emotional support for people like ‘Paul’, by encouraging friendships and nurturing in order to better their self-esteem and integration into the local and wider communities.

Our coaches, Hannah and Isaac run the session on a Thursday, Isaac says “It’s a great opportunity to get people with disabilities involved in sport and team games, we have a great group at Aspley who are always really excited to get involved. You can really see the positive impact that the session has towards their teamwork abilities and social skills”.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s programme with ‘Smile and Achieve’ is a part of our Every Player Counts project, which runs in partnership with Nottinghamshire FA, and founded by the EFL Trust.

Manager of Smile and Achieve, ‘Chris’, explained how much the group enjoy the sessions with Hannah and Isaac. “It’s really is something they can look forward to, which, in a fun informal way boosts their confidence, and makes them feel included within the community. This is something we’re really passionate about, and we get so excited to see the impact it’s having on everyone who takes part”

Nottingham Forest Community Trust have invited some of the participants and staff members to today’s match for them to enjoy, so if you see them around The City Ground please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

The ‘Smile and Achieve’ session is just one of the many projects Nottingham Forest Community Trust deliver. We aim to provide support for young people who may have not experienced the freedom and potential that our sporting activities provide. This is particularly targeted at disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Nottinghamshire.

As a non for profit charity, the Community Trust are always appreciative of donations to help support our projects. Donations made to the trust are used to fund our various projects and activities which strive to build social and physical skills of young people. As a role model, we are committed to providing the most successful training and education programmes for our community whilst using the power of football as a vehicle in promoting social cohesion and enhancing life skills.

We will be around The City Ground today both before and after the match with buckets to collect donations so that we can continue our award winning community work. If you see us, please come to say “hello”, and please do give generously!