In partnership with Walking Football Nottingham, we run weekly walking football sessions for over 50’s every week at The Forest Sports Zone. The sessions take place every Wednesday at 11-12pm, and are for those of all abilities and skill levels. We recently caught up with Michael Leigh, who is a 64 year old participant at our walking football sessions.

How did you get into walking football?

“I’ve loved football all my life, as a primary school teacher I’ve coached football to hundreds of kids, but never kicked a football myself. This time last year one of my best mates Billy, an all-time Forest fan died. Billy played football until he was in his 40’s and I thought to myself, come on you have a go yourself. It is in respect for Billy that I walk home down his road after every game and tell him how we did, I love doing it.”

What benefits does attending the sessions offer you?

“I am learning a lot and it is keeping me fit, which is really good for me as I’m trying to be healthier. Everything about it is positive including all the guys who play a lot more than me, they are really helpful always giving me tips on things to try.”

Who would you say the sessions are for?

“For anybody of any ability (and I am of any ability) it would be great, they would have a great time, they would meet friends and I can highly recommend it. I would recommend it particularly to somebody who wants to get a little bit fitter, because if you start to do things on your own, it’s tough but if you’re doing things with a group of people that momentum and friendship carries you forward.”

What would you say to someone who would like to join but is nervous?

“There’s a lot of things about guys being isolated just going to the pub alone and things like that, I think it’s much better to come here and be outside with a group of likeminded people and enjoy yourself. ”

If you would like to find out more information about our walking football sessions contact Elvis Ricci at, or 0844 879 4783.