Over the past year, Nottingham Forest Community Trust have been working with the EFL Trust on the You Vs Train campaign to help spread awareness about the dangers of railway and the consequences that you can face when you step onto the tracks.

Figures reveal over 250 incidents a week have been recorded by people taking risks on the railway – taking short-cuts, capturing photos and even ‘train surfing’ – sometimes with tragic consequences. Young people (under 18s) make up one of the largest categories, responsible for a third of all cases.

During the pandemic, we have been providing socially distanced sports activities at locations across the county that are situated close to the railway lines. We’ve used innovative learning techniques to actively teach young people about these dangers including quiz questions and general knowledge activities. The willingness to learn from the children has been fantastic and many of them were shocked to find out some of the facts about the train lines.

We will continue to support the You Vs Train campaign across a number of our programmes to ensure the safety of our fans, friends and families within our communities.